About Dan

You are the Reason I write.

People will always try to bring You down, Which is the EXACT reason I will Encourage You to Focus......ON YOU.


Let People be who they are, and let me bring You into the Light, on 5 Core subjects which I KNOW will take Your Life to a New Level!


It is my passion to bring to You, the 5 core essentials of Life, which are more than Likely, holding You back.


I am a Very Cool guy and If You Let me, I will Help Change Your Life for the better. Inspiring People is what I am good at!


The Training I have received is INVALUABLE.


Together We WILL Become More....... to Have more.


When brought together, we will become Unstoppable. Giving You the correct tools,     and Resources You need, to Win this fight in this thing, which we call Life.

My experiences and passion to help YOU, in an ever so confusing world, are the reasons I write and will continue to Write.


You definitely need someone in your corner.

I KNOW this from my personal experiences in Life. The World is SO negative nowadays. There is a way out. A way Most, will not understand.


As for myself, there is NO other way to Live the Good Life,
without Learning Exactly How to Live in the first place.

It is my belief that we are being Misled and mistreated.
This is why My blog exists.

I will challenge You but I will also Guide You to become more.


My Goal is to EMPOWER You Like No one else ever has.


The College I come from has taught me things You Will NEVER learn in a normal college.


Yes I am talking about "the college of Hard Knocks."

I questioned Everything which is taught to us. I will not be a victim of the so called media and the conspiracy theorist mentality.
It creates Fear.

I WILL create Life by using Valuable Resources which will Enable You to separate Yourself from the masses.


I wish You a good Life and May You Prosper in this short time on Earth which we call Life.
Life definition--- The experience of being ALIVE! If We Are Not Growing We are Slowly Dying, PERIOD!

Specific questions or Help Contact me at daniel@creatingabetterlife.com